Pipe Stress Analysis


Piping Systems work under different temperature and pressure conditions which place lot of stress on its various components. Systems must be thoroughly analysed using latest Stress Analysis Softwares and supported in such a manner that no detrimental stresses occurs in the system, which can cause system failure. Various software used for pipe stress analysis are CAESAR II, CAEPIPE etc.

Difference between static and dynamic analysis.

Structural analysis is mainly concerned with finding out the behaviour of a physical structure when subjected to force. This action can be in the form of load due to the weight of things such as people, furniture, wind, snow, etc. or some other kind of excitation such as an earthquake, shaking of the ground due to a blast nearby, etc. In essence all these loads are dynamic, including the self-weight of the structure because at some point in time these loads were not there.

The distinction is made between the dynamic and the static analysis on the basis of whether the applied action has enough acceleration in comparison to the structure’s natural frequency. If a load is applied sufficiently slowly, the inertia forces (Newton’s second law of motion) can be ignored and the analysis can be simplified as static analysis.

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