Piping Material Engineering


Piping Material Engineering concerns with design, selection and procurement of various piping system components like pipes,  fittings, valves and special items.

General Notes

Clause Details PME-RES-001 Piping Material Engineer is required from Bid Stage, through design, construction and mechanical completion stages. PME-RES-002 Peak …Read More..
Following is the list of Most Commonly Used ASTM Piping Materials. ASTM Materials for Pipes ASTM …Read More..

Piping Fittings

Pipes are the main component transporting fluid from one place to another. They must be …Read More..
Clause Details BWF-MAT-001 Buttweld Fittings are normally used for pipe sizes 2" and above. BWF-MAT-002 ASME B16.9 is the dimensional …Read More..
Pros They are easier to use on small-size pipelines and ends of the pipes need …Read More..
Pros Threaded joints can be easily made from pipe and fittings on site. They minimize fire hazard …Read More..
The flanges are normally made of forging. Only in few cases it can be fabricated …Read More..
The function of gaskets is to interpose a semi-plastic material between the flange facings, the …Read More..
Bolt Types As per ASME B16.5, one can use either square head machine bolts or studs …Read More..
Dimensional Standards ASME B16.48 : Line blanks specifies dimensions of spectacle blinds. In this standard  Spectacle …Read More..
Olets are branching fittings made by Bonney Forge. Olets offer an alternate means of connecting …Read More..


Valves are major component in Piping Engineering. Variety of valves are used depending on main function, fluid type and other operating parameters.

Frequently used types of valves are Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Ball Valve, Check Valve, Butterfly …Read More..
Gate valve has a flat disc called gate that travels perpendicular to the flow stream. …Read More..
Globe valves contain a horizontal circular disc and seat ring.  They are primarily used for …Read More..
Ball valves have a ball as a disc with a hole of either same diameter …Read More..
Check Valves are used to stop reversal of a flow in a piping system, e.g. …Read More..
Butterfly valve consists of a circular disc in fluid path which swings 90 degrees or …Read More..
Needle valve is a small valve used for flow control and for dosing liquids and …Read More..
Plug valves are also known as cocks. They have cylindrical as well as tapered discs. They …Read More..
There are different kinds of special valves used in EPC Industry along with regular ones …Read More..

Special Items

Clause Details STR-MAT-001 There are three types of strainers : Temporary Strainer, Y strainer and T Strainer. STR-MAT-002 Temporary strainer …Read More..
Clause Details STT-MAT-001 Removing condensate form steam pipes is essential for proper heat transfer, avoiding water hammer. STT-MAT-002 Removing air …Read More..

Non-Ferrous Piping

Pipe or tube made from copper, lead, nickel, brass, aluminum and various stainless steels can …Read More..
Pipe made from plastics may be used to convey actively corrosive fluids, and is especially …Read More..
All-glass piping is used for its chemical resistance, cleanliness and transparency. Glass pipe is not subject …Read More..

Procurement Activities

Procurement Procedure. Approved Vendors List. Bill of Material Prepration. Inquiry/Purchase Requisition. Vendor Review and Technical Bid Evaluation Most of the …Read More..

Technical Requirements of Piping Materials

Applicable Codes and Standards Material supplied shall be strictly in accordance with the latest codes …Read More..
Preparation of Inquiry/Purchase requisition includes preparation of  Technical Requirements for Fittings. Sample Technical Requirements for …Read More..
Purchase order for Flanges include Bill of Material as well as Technical Requirements for Flanges. Sample …Read More..
Purchase order for Gaskets include Bill of Material as well as Technical Requirements for Gaskets. Sample …Read More..
Purchase order for Insulating Gasket Kits include Bill of Material as well as Technical Requirements …Read More..
Purchase order for Nuts and Bolts include Bill of Material as well as Technical Requirements …Read More..

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