Checklist : Plot Plan Drafting


Plot Plan is a critical document in Plant Design. It must adhere International as well as Company Standards of Drafting. Below checklist should be filled at every issue of Plot Plan Drawing.

Sr Description Done
1 Legend provided in side bar for new/existing facilities, scope etc.
2 Units of dimensions, co-ordinates and levels are given in notes.
3 Initials of Designer, Checker and Approver given in revision block.
4 Drawing scale along with graphic scale marked and as per project specificaton.
5 Fonts sizes, types and styles as per project specification / company standard.
6 Design file layer structure as per project specification / company standard.
7 Drawing extracted from 3D model is not manally edited.
8 Dimensioning, Co-ordinates etc. as per project specification / company standard.
9 All tags are legible and clear.
10 Line types as per as per project specification / company standard.
11 All general notes are properly specified.
12 Electronic File name given at proper location inside the border.
13 Reference drawing numbers and their titles specified.
14 Hold list specified along with hold clouds in drawing.
15 Revison clouds along with revision number triangles properly marked.
16 Drawing title, Drawing Number and Revision number as per Project Document List
17 Drawing border is as per company standard or Client requirements.
18 Key Plan / Location map given.
19 Status stamp e.g. For approval, For construction is shown.

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