Checklist : Plot Plan Drawing Information


Plot plan drawing is a critical document based on which all other engineering work is commenced. All the required incormation must be incorporated in Plot Plan Drawing. Following checklist shall be completed for the IFA and IFC issues of  a Plot Plan.

Information Required

Sr Description Done
1 Project Scope referred for developing plot plan.
2 Plot plan shows entire facility as per project scope, including any future expansions.
3 Plant North, True North, Wind Direction and Wind Rose Shown.
4 Angle between Plant North and True North shown.
5 Separate gates are provided for Personnel movement and Material Movement.
6 Assembly points and emergency exits are shown.
7 Datum point for plant’s relative co-ordinate system is defined. It is located as per Project Specification.
8 Main gates with security room/guard rooms are shown.
9 List of major equipments include in sidebar if required as per project specification.
10 Units / Areas are given proper area codes e.g. PA01, PA02, UA01 etc.
11 Location of new facility w.r.t. existing facility is given in terms of distance or co-ordinates.
12 Distances between units/buldings/equipments are given and are as per relevant standard. E.g. OISD
13 Buildings / Shelters inside the plant are shown as blocks with outlines.
14 Access availability to heavy equipment for erection purpose is confirmed.
15 Dyke walls around tanks are shown if applicable.
16 True geo-graphical co-ordinates (UTM) of the datum point are defined in notes or at the datum point.
17 Future Requirements marked.
18 Non-plant buildings e.g. Administration, Warehouse, Canteen etc. are shown as blocks.
19 Road and shoulder widths are as per project specification or relevant national standard.
20 Gridlines for co-ordinates are shown wherever applicable, along with Northing and Easting Values.
21 Relaton of plant grade levels w.r.t. datum level e.g. mean sea level is given.
22 Plant Fencing and Securty wall is shown.
23 Main roads and auxilary roads are located with centre line and co-ordinates.
24 Major storm water drain trenches, Underground Corrodors for piping and cables are shown with dimensions, grids.
25 Piperacks and Sleepers are correctly dimensioned with grid numbers.
26 Grade levels for all areas are given as per Civil Grading Drawings.
27 Eqipment tags / packaged item tags given.
28 Sterile zone radius is shown for flare stack and no equipment is present within the sterile zone.
29 Access roads around process units and tank farms are adequate.
30 Flare stack, Pig Receiver and launcher, Metering stations are provided with separate fencing if requires as per project specification.
31 For fired heater/hazardous equipments, safety distances are shown.

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