Auxiliary Piping for Pumps


Auxiliary Pump Piping Arrangements Many pumps have auxiliary piping that is supplied by the vendor or the engineering contractor.

This piping delivers cooling water to mechanical seals, bearings, stuffing boxes, gland quench, and lantern ring flush and may be run to the pump support pedestal for high-temperature services.

Pump vendors usually supply the auxiliary piping to the mechanical seals through a harness. When pump fluid is used, a line is attached to the vent connection on the pump case.

The circulated seal fluid must be sent back to the pump stream or returned through the seal to pump internal clearances. In viscous or high-temperature hydrocarbon liquids, the seal fluid medium circulates from an external source through connections on the pump seal.

This medium may be a clean gas oil. In all cases of auxiliary pump piping, the plant layout designer must carefully review the vendor drawing and piping and instrumentation diagrams to ensure
that all requirements for cooling or seals have been covered by one of these documents.

Following figure shows a typical auxiliary pump Piping arrangement.

The cooling water in and out of this particular pump is from above grade; however, many cooling water systems are below grade, and the plant layout designer must find a suitable location for this connection.

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