Distillation Tower Piping Arrangement


Tower piping is located in conjuction with tray, nozzle and platform orientation. When possible, the piping is grouped for ease of support and positioned to accommodate interconnection with related equipment and pipe rack.

Following drawing shows a preferred areas of division for piping, platforming and ladders.

Adequate space must be provided between piping and between the back of piping and the tower shell to facilitate the installation of pipe supports, which are attached to the tower.

Following drawing shows some typical supports for tower piping.

Tower piping should be arranged with sufficient flexibility to accommodate tower growth and to allow interconnection to equipment during regular operating conditions.

Following drawings show typical overhead vapor line and pump suction arrangements.

Relief valve systems that are open to the atmosphere are located at the top of the tower; closed systems are located minimum distance from the relief header. Following drawing shows a typical arrangement for both systems.

Piping arrangment shown below has been designed using the following information and the guidelines in this chapter.

  1. Process vessel sketch
  2. Tray details
  3. Nozzle elevations.
  4. Instrument vessel sketch
  5. PID
  6. Equipment Arrangement
  7. Platform arrangement
  8. Nozzle Summary
  9. Plant layout specification.


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