Introduction to Process Drums


Generally, drums are cylindrical hollow steel vessels used in process plants as intermediate containers that receive liquid from distillation and condensing equipment.

Drums also collect liquid from vapour circuits and pump it to other process groups, disposal, or product storage. They are also used for chemical and catalyst storage, steam generation, and deaeration of boiler feed water.

Types of Drums

Drums discussed here are process unit drums that are used for refluxing, surge, suction, and general liquid collection. Drums can be generally divided into two categories : horizontally and vertically

Drum internals are far less sophisticated than the components found inside the distillation tower and are limited to demister pads, baffles, vortex breakers, and distribution piping.

When specified, stem drums and deaerators are usually furnished as a proprietary item, layout is limited to confirmation of nozzle and support locations to suit piping and structural configurations and platforming for operator and maintenance access.

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