Layout Design Considerations for Reactors


Although some reactors (e.g. those used in methanol and catalyst reforming units) are spherical, most are vertically mounted vessels with elliptical heads.

There are fewer connections for plant layout designer to be concerned with than there are with distillation column.

Generally connections are limited to inlet and outlet, maintenance access, unloading, sample and temperature.

Internally reactors are furnished with bed supports, screens, inlet baffles, outlet collectors, catalysts and inert materials.

Following figure shows a typical reactor with its principal components.

Nozzle requirements and overall dimensions of the reactor are highlighted on the process vessel sketch furnished by process engineering and are included in the process release package.

If the reactor operates in a high pressure service, it is recommended that, for clearance purposes, that the plant layout designer obtain the shell thickness of the vessel before proceeding with layout arrangements.

Following figure shows a typical reactor process vessel sketch.

Following figure shows a high pressure reactor.

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