Overall layout of process and off-site plot plan


Following figure illustrates an effective overall layout of a process and off-site plot plan.

  1. The administration area is immediately inside the plant’s main entrance, as are maintenance and fire-fighting equipment.
  2. Process units and the utility plant are located in the central and eastern section of the plot, and allowances for future expansion are made.
  3. Storage tanks are located in the western and southern sections of the plot.
  4. Truck and rail loading and unloading areas are located together in the south and southwest corners of the plot.
  5. A flare stack, a cooling tower, and treating ponds are in the southeast corner.
  6. Process units are located as far away as is practical from the storage tanks and product-loading areas.
  7. In cold climates, the wind will carry exhaust gases from the cooling tower, across the storage tanks, and away from busy process units.
  8. Tank farms can occupy vast areas of valuable real estate within a process facility.
  9. Development of the optimum design, considering all applicable codes and regulations, is achieved only through close attention to safety and economics.

Although many solutions to layout problems are possible, a mixture of proven methods—along with the commonsense lessons of trial and error—will produce the optimum design.

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