Piping Layout : Utility Stations


Requisite number of utility stations shall be provided throughout the unit to cater to the utility requirement. Utility stations shall have three connections [one for LP steam (SL), one for Plant Air (AP) and one for Service Water (WS)] each of 1″NB unless otherwise specified in P&ID.


Air and water lines shall have quick type hose connection and steam line shall have flanged type hose connection and shall be directed downward. All connections shall have globe valve for isolation purpose. Inert gas hose like nitrogen, when required, shall have built in non return valve and quick coupling at pipe end.

Number of Utility Stations

Number of utility stations shall be such that all equipments shall be approachable from at least one utility station. The approach of utility station shall be considered 15M all around the station location.


The Utility stations shall generally be located adjacent to pipe-rack column. The utility stations shall also be provided on elevated structures like technological structure, operating platforms of vertical equipments etc. Operating platforms having manholes must be accessible from utility station. Utility stations shall be located at loading racks.

Clause Details
HSC-MAT-001 Hose connections are required for Utility Stations.
HSC-MAT-002 Normally, a 3/4″ hose connections are used for utility stations.
HSC-MAT-003 Materia of construction for hose connections is carbon steel.
HSC-MAT-004 For air, water and nitrogen, piping side connection is normally female threaded.
HSC-MAT-005 For steam, piping side connection isnormally Male Threaded.
HSC-MAT-006 For Steam, Air and Water, hose side connection is Female Quick Connection.
HSC-MAT-007 For nitrogen, hose side connection is normally Male quick coupling.
HSC-MAT-008 Dimensions of hose connections and hoses are as per manufacturers own standard.
HSC-MAT-009 Length of utility station hoses is normally 25 Meters.
HSC-MAT-010 Hose for steam is made of stainless steel braiding and connection to utility station is Male quick coupling. Other side is female threaded end.
HSC-MAT-011 Hose for nitrogen service is normally made of rubber, with utility station side connection as Female quick connect and other side as Male threaded end.
HSC-MAT-012 Hoses for Air and Water are made of rubber, with utility station connection of Male quick connect and other side as male threaded end.

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