Piping Lead Engineer Responsibilities

  1. Mechanical (Static) Department
    1. Comments on Static Vessels Vendor Drawings.
    2. Nozzle Orientation.
    3. Vessel Platforms and Stairs Design.
    4. Vessels Cleats for Pipe Supports.
    5. Piping Loads on Equipment Nozzles.
    6. Equipment Elevation and Orientation.
  2. Mechanical (Rotary) Department.
    1. Comments on Pumps, Compressors, Turbines Vendor Drawings.
    2. Location, Elevation and Orientation of Rotary Equipments.
    3. Piping Loads on Equipment Nozzles.
  3. Civil Department
    1. Pipe Loading on Pipe Rack.
    2. Pipe Loading on Technological Structures.
    3. Civil Scope Pipe support Requirements.
    4. Vessel Platforms and Stairs design.
  4. Instrumentation Department
    1. Location of Instruments.
    2. Piping / Instrumentation Hookup Drawings by Instrumentation department.
    3. Vendors drawings of Instruments like PSVs, Control Valves, Flow Meters etc.
  5. Piping Material Vendors.
  6. Projects Department.
  7. Process Department.
  8. Electrical Department.
  9. Procurement Department.
  10. Construction / Site.
  11. Client

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