Reactors Location, Support and Elevation


Reactors are located within a process unit adjacent to related equipment and in a suitable position for operation and catalyst loading and unloading.

A reactor operates in sequence and close to a furnace because expensive high temperature piping must be minimized.

Following figure shows a partial plot plan of a hydrotreater unit.

Support and Elevation

There are four principal methods of support for rectors : a skirt from a concrete foundation, lugs from concrete piers, a ring girder from a concrete table top, and a skirt from a concrete table top.

Following drawings shows these four arrangements.

Reactor elevation is dictated by the catalyst’s unloading nozzle or clearance for the outlet piping, whichever results in the lower tangent line elevation.

Tangent line elevation, however, could be much higher to suit specific client unloading requirements e.g. truck unloading).

Following drawing shows minimum elevation requirements.

Following drawing shows direct unloading into a truck.

To set the elevation of reactors, the plant layout designer requires the following information:

  1. Reactor dimensions.
  2. Type of heads.
  3. Support details
  4. Bottom outlet size
  5. Unloading nozzle size.
  6. Client preference for catalyst handling.
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