Reactors Piping Layout


Reactors piping must be arranged for ease of support and positioned to suit interconnection with related equipment.

Because reactors often operate at very high temperatures, piping must be arranged with sufficient flexibility to absorb stress under usual operating conditions.

Piping at reactors or other similar catalyst operating equipment can be relatively simple in configuration, shown in the process flow diagram or more sophisticated.

In the single reactor arrangement, which has no controls to influence the design, the piping can be routed directly between related equipments to suit economics, flexibility and supports as shown below.

If the facility operates in series, the piping system is designed to accommodate regeneration of catalyst in one rector while the other is still on stream as shown below.

To do this, the system is furnished with controls and crossover bypasses.

For ease of operation, the valve manifolds for regeneration should be located at grade.

If these valves are controlled remotely, however, the overhead manifold can be located at the top head platform as shown below.

Relief valves are usually furnished as part of the reactor piping system and should be located in accordance with the arrangements shown for drums and towers.


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