Checklist : Piping Design Basis


Piping design basis provides guidelines for design of Plot plan, Equipment layout, Piping Layout and selection of materials. It outlines applicable codes and standards. It includes international practices as well as local regulations. This document must be prepared carefully as it is a basis for other deliverables of Piping Department.

Sr. Description Done
1 Scope of the document defined
2 Applicable codes and standards specified
3 Piping Material Specification document number specified
4 Clause for use of non-ferrous metals specified
5 Pipe sizes to Avoid specified. E.g. 2.5″, 5″ etc.
6 Minimum pipe size specified. E.g. 3/4″
7 Scope of supply for Valve Locking Devices specified e.g. vendor
8 Minimu pipe size for rack specified e.g. 2″
9 Use of Flat face flanges clause
10 Source service material requirement standard.e.g. NACE MR0175
11 Line Number Composition specified
12 Line list content columns specified
13 Design conditions clause spefied
14 Design temperature selection for uninsulated, insulated,jacketd and cold lines specified.
15 Design pressure selection for normal lines, pump discharge lines, vacuum lines, steam lines, pressure relief lines specified.
16 General criteria for equipment layout specified
17 Standard for Equipment spacing specified e.g. OISD 118, IM.2.5.2 etc.
18 Requirements for maintenance facilities spefied.
19 Fixed maintenance facilities philosophy specified
20 Mobile equipment handling philosophy specified.
21 Heat Exchanger tube bundle removal requirements specified
22 Maintenance facilities for pumps specified
23 All Overhead clearance requirements specified
24 All Horizontal clearance requiements specified
25 Platform, Ladders and Stairways guidelines specified
26 General Guildelines for Pipe routing specified
27 Column and Vessel piping guidelines specified
28 Heat Exchanger piping guidelines specified
29 Pumps Piping guidelines specified
30 Fired heater piping guidelines specified
31 Compressor piping guidelines specified
32 Valve Location guidelines specified
33 Vent and Drains guidelines specified
34 Pressure relief system guidelines specified
35 Inline instruments guidelines specified
36 Instruments Location Guidelines specified
37 Sample connection guildelines specified
38 Utility Station Guidelines specified
39 Liquid sulphur piping guidelines specified if applicable
40 Non-code piping guidelines specified
41 Tank Farm piping guidelines specified
42 Firewater piping guidelines specified
43 Chemical injection piping guidelines specified
44 Piping stress guidelines specified
45 Piping support guidelines specified
46 Safety measures guidelines specified

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