Piping Co-ordination


Piping Lead Engineer is involved in piping project co-ordination from the start of the project. Piping Lead has to carry out many planning activities before starting actual design work.

Piping Lead receives contract documents as well as Basic Engineering Package (BEP) from Client via projects department. Contract documents must be reviewed to ascertain deliverables and their time frame piping point of view. Contract review action log must be prepared in spreadsheet software.

Lead Engineer must review BEP to ascertain availability of all required information. Any Missing information shall be communicated to client via projects department.

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Lead Engineer Attends Project Kick Start Meeting and get clarifications from client on various design paramenters.

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Proper estimation of project manhours are critical for financial success of project as well as its timely completion.

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Piping Material Control involves various activities such as preparation of Material Management Criteria, Review of PID,s, …Read More..

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Project Planning Documents to Review

  1. Contract Documents
  2. L3 Schedule
  3. Material Supply Schedule
  4. Engineering Execution Plan

Planning Documents to Prepare

Project Startup Documents

  1. Contract Review Action Log
  2. Highlights of Contract
  3. Listing Scope of Work for Piping Department.
  4. Pre-Engineering Survey for Offshore Platform
  5. Project Startup Checklist
  6. Document Criticallity.

Manhours Management

  1. PID Line count for Manhour Estimation
  2. Manhour Estimation
  3. Manhour Progress Report
  4. Manhour Planning
  5. Additional Manhour Log

Manpower Planning

  1. Organisation Chart
  2. Contact List
  3. Manpower Mobilisation Plan
  4. Variation Order
  5. Signature Matrix
  6. List of Signatories

Progress Reporting

  1. Weekly Progress Report
  2. TDR Behind Schedule Report
  3. Bi-Weekly Project Report
  4. Monthly Action Plan
  5. IDIT Closeout Status Report

Design Co-ordination Documents

  1. List of Validated Spreadsheets
  2. Design Instructions / Work Instructions.
  3. Change Management (DCN / PCN).
  4. Technical Document Register
  5. File Lists and Labels
  6. Job Notes
  7. Hold List Register
  8. Need List

Quality Control

  1. ISO Audit Instructions
  2. Engineering Error Log
  3. Lessons Learnt Implementation Tracker

After Project Completion

  1. Job Close Out Report
  2. Lessons Learnt

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