Equipment and Piping Layout


Arrangement of equipments and piping is a primary activity of a piping engineering department. Preliminary equipment layout is done before piping study. Final equipment locations are decided based on all piping layout requirements are considered.

Equipment layout and piping layout is done as per general industry practice as well as piping design basis, process flow, gravity requirements, structure philosophy. Check out following articles targeting various aspects of equipment and piping layout. Your suggestions and comments are highly welcomed.

Process flow sequence and operating procedures should be thoroughly understood so that equipment arrangement in the plot plan …Read More..
Piping Layout must be carried out with Process requirements, economy, orderliness, stress and supporting requirements …Read More..
Distillation tower is a very sophisticated equipment in a process plant. It separates an input …Read More..
Grouping Exchangers shall be grouped together wherever possible. Orientation Heat exchangers should be located perpendicular to the pipe …Read More..
Heat exchangers are similar to pumps and vessels in that they are widely used in most …Read More..
Spiral heat exchangers are mostly used in chemical plants. They are special layout needs w.r.t. …Read More..
The double pipe or fin-tube exchangers are commonly used in process industry when one liquid …Read More..
Plate exchangers, shown below, are generally used in low-pressure, low temperature applications and are made up …Read More..
Proper compressor layout In a process plant is essential for ideal operation, maintenance and construction …Read More..
Various types of steel containers are used to store liquids in a process plant. These …Read More..
Design of Pipe Rack involves considerable planning and cor-ordination with other engineering groups. Rack Design …Read More..
Fired heaters are generally used to heat the feedstock so that it can be sent …Read More..
Introduction to Pumps Various of pumps are used in chemical and petrochemical plants and refineries. Most …Read More..
Reactors are used in processing facilities to contain catalysts that promote chemical transformation of feeds or …Read More..
Above Ground LPG Storage Equipment Layout LPG Storage Vessels shall be arranged into groups each having a …Read More..
Codes Firewater installations shall comply with the latest edition of National Fire Code, Volume 2, Standard 24. In …Read More..
In general, offsites piping (except tankages area), electrical cable and instrumentation cable shall be laid either …Read More..
Pressure relief devices may be required between block valves where thermal expansion due to ambient …Read More..
For design of underground piping system General Civil Design Basis shall be followed. All underground C.S .Pipes …Read More..
Piping and instrument diagrams (P&ID’s) shall show connections, valves and piping for equipment filling, draining, venting …Read More..
Clause Details VLV-PL-001 All valves requiring attention during operation shall be operable either from grade or platform.  VLV-PL-002  Valves 4" and …Read More..
Control valves are located as single items in piping systems or are furnished with up …Read More..

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