Piping Fabrication


Piping fabrication is a critical activity on any oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals or any other construction projects where piping networks are required. It is necessary to ensure maximum quality of work in this activity to ensure proper functioning of piping network and minimize accidents. Check out following articles providing info about piping fabrication.

Typical piping fabrication projects involve various activities like storage and handling of piping materials, cutting, cleaning ends, welding, threading, inspection and testing, painting, insulation installation etc.

Tools and Equipments used

Various types of tools and equipments are required for piping fabrication. Here is a list of such tools used in piping fabrication.

Various types of tools and equipments are used during Piping Fabrication activities. Here is a …Read More..

Miter Fabrication

Where pressure drop is not critical, elbows are made from pipe cut at various angles. Following posts shows how to cut pipe for miter fabrication.

For larger size pipes and where pressure drop in elbow is not critical, miters can …Read More..

Cutting Elbows

Many times, elbows of non-standard angles (apart from 45 and 90 degrees) are required, which are cut form standard degree elbows. Here is page explaining how to cut them.

Many times at site, custom degree elbows are required apart from regular 45 Degree and …Read More..
For standard degrees of pipe elbows such as 45° and 90°, elbow center to end …Read More..

Pipe Branches Fabrication

Many times, pipe branches are fabricated by directly welding branch pipe to header pipe. In such cases, hole cutting profile for header pipe and cut back profile for branch pipe needs to be created.

This page explains creation of a pipe cutting template (cut back for branch pipe and …Read More..

Piping Welding

After cutting and end preparation, piping components are welded together using various welding methods.

Welding is a primary piping fabrication activity. It is critical to ensure  high quality welds …Read More..
It is essential to achieve highest quality of weld such that weld is as good …Read More..
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