Inspection and Testing in Piping Engineering


Inspection and Testing of Welds

After welding and PWHT, Inspection and Testing of welds is done as per various testing and inspection methods specified in project welding specification. Some of the testing methods employed are  :

Hardness requirements for welds shall be as per the Welding Specification Chart/Non Destructive Examination Specification included …Read More..
Visual Examination of all welds shall be carried out as per the latest editions of …Read More..
This is one of the oldest and very simple NDT examination. It is also known …Read More..
When client gives welding contract to  a welding contractor, that welding Contractor shall appoint agency …Read More..

Proof Tests

Hydrostatic and pneumatic tests shall be performed as per the requirements laid down by respective flushing and Testing specification/applicable codes to demonstrate the soundness of the welds. The tests shall be conducted after fulfilling the requirement of visual examinations radiography etc., and after the entire work has been certified by the Owner’s inspector to be fit for being subjected to such tests.

Hydrostatic testing is the most used leakage checking method for piping networks. ASME B31.3 Process …Read More..
Pneumatic testing is used where hydrostatic testing cannot be used e.g. when residual water can …Read More..
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