Pipeline Engineering


Pipelines are most economical ways of transporting liquid, gases and solids over long distances. Although they require large initial investment, over their operating life they more than compensate for the capital investment.

Pipeline Engineering is a specialized field. Following articles attempts to provide a sneak peak into this field.

A pipeline is a most economical mean of transporting liquids and gases over long distances. …Read More..
Pipeline design includes various activities like planning route of pipeline, diameter of pipe to use, …Read More..
Introduction The selection of the route for a pipeline shall take full account of the associated …Read More..
Pipeline Fabrication and Installation Activities includes pipe bending, welding, pipeline string, pipeline lowering etc. : INDEX …Read More..

As pipelines are either buried underground or underwater, they need protection against external corrosion due to …Read More..
Internal Corrosion Pipeline may get corroded internally due to nature of fluid flowing inside and due …Read More..
Pipeline earth work includes ROU clearing, Grading, Trenching, Back-filling, Micro-tunnelling, Crossing etc. Tags : #Piping_Engineering #Pipeline_Engineering …Read More..
Various types of valves are required for successful and safe pipeline operation. They help in …Read More..
Pipelines get dirty during construction and regular operations. They can also get damaged due to …Read More..

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