Piping Fittings


Various piping fittings are used in piping networks like elbows, tees, weldolets, crosses etc.

Buttweld Fittings are normally used for pipe sizes 2" and above. In ASME B16.9, Long Radius …Read More..
ASME Standard B16.11 provides dimensions and requirements for Socket weld Fittings of sizes 1/8″ and …Read More..
Threaded fittings are used in non critical applications and when service fluid is at ambient …Read More..
Flanges are widely used in piping network for removable connections to various piping components like …Read More..
The function of gaskets is to interpose a semi-plastic material between the flange facings, the …Read More..
Bolts are the most used fastening materials for pipes in steel piping. They can be …Read More..
Blinds, Spaces and Spectacle Blinds are used for the purpose of positive shut off of  …Read More..
Olets are branching fittings made by Bonney Forge. Olets offer an alternate means of connecting …Read More..
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