Piping Materials : Steel Pipes


Pipes are the main component transporting fluid from one place to another. They must be carefully chosen for long term safe opration of the plant. Their selection mainly involves choice of :

  1. Material of Construction.
  2. Nominal Pipe Size.
  3. Wall Thickness.
  4. Pipe End Type.

Straight pipe is supplied in ‘random’ lengths (17 to 25 ft), and sometimes ‘double random’ lengths (38 to 48 ft), if preferred. Wall thickness of pipes is defined by ‘schedule nurnber, ‘API designation’, or ‘weight’. Non-standard pipe is specified by nominal size with wall thickness stated.

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Pressure ratings for steel pipe at different temperatures are calculated according to the applicable code for the project such as ANSI B31.3 Code for Pressure Piping,

Radiography requirements are normally specified on applicable code e.g. B31.3  specifies 100% Radiogrphy for seam for Welded Pipes.

Carbon-steel pipe zinc-coated by immersion into molten zinc (hot-dip galvanized) is used for conveying drinking water, instrument air and various other fluids.

During procurement of Pipes, Technical Supply Conditions are provided to vendors for supply of proper piping material with quality assurance.

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