Butt Weld Elbow Weight Calculator


Approximate weight of a butt welding elbow can be calculated based on its its radius, wall thickness and angle. Please note that actual weight of a elbow from a particular manufacturer may vary depending on manufacturing process. Dimensional standards like ASME B16.9 do not provide weights of butt welding fittings. 

BW Elbow Weight

BW Elbow Weight

Weight of a Butt Weld elbow as per ASME B16.9 is calculated as per following formula  :

    \[W = 15.4864\times(\frac{\theta}{360})\times{F}\times{T}\times(D-T)\times{10^{-5}}\]

Where :

  1. W = Weight in Kg
  2. F = Center to End (mm)
  3. D = Outside Diameter (mm)
  4. T = Wall Thickness (mm)
  5. θ = Angle
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Elbow Size
Elbow Angle
Wall Thickness

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