Butt Welding Tee Weight Calculator


Approximate weight of a butt welding tee can be calculated based on its header length, branch length, header size, branch size, header wall thickness and branch wall thickness. Please note that actual weight of a tee from a particular manufacturer may vary depending on manufacturing process. Dimensional standards like ASME B16.9 do not provide weights of butt welding fittings.

BW Tee Weight Calculation

BW Tee Weight Calculation

Tee Type
Header Size
Branch Size
Header Thickness
Branch Thickness

Weight of a Butt Weld tee as per ASME B16.9 can be calculated as per following formula  :


Where :

  1. W = Weight in Kg
  2. t1 = Header wall thickness.
  3. t2 = Branch wall thickness.
  4. OD1 = Header Outside Diameter.
  5. OD2 = Branch Outside Diameter.
  6. C = Run Length Center to end.
  7. M = Branch Length
  8. K = Tee type : Welded : 1, Seamless : 1.363

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