Checklist : Application, Installation and Operation of Arc Welding and Cutting Equipment


Arc welding and cutting equipment involves very high temperatures and very high currents. It is important to ensure proper operation of such equipment by qualified personnel. Proper care and experience in handling such equipment will ensure accident free operation. Here is a typical checklist to ensure no harm to operating person or machines.

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1Have employees who are designated to operate arc welding equipment been properly instructed and qualified?
2Are open circuit (no load) voltages of arc welding and cutting machines as low as possible, consistent with satisfactory welding?
3When open circuit voltages must be higher, are means provided to prevent the operator from making accidental contact with the higher voltages?
4Is control apparatus enclosed on all types of arc welding machines?
5Are terminals for welding leads protected from accidental electrical contact by personnel or metal objects?
6Do you ensure that no connections for portable control devices, such as push buttons carried by the operator, are connected to an a.c. circuit of higher than 120 volts.
7Is the frame or case of the welding machine effectively grounded and the grounding checked?
8Is a separate disconnecting switch or controller provided at or near each welding machine?
9Are electrode holders placed so that they cannot make electrical contact with persons, conducting objects, fuel, or compressed gas tanks?
10Has the operator been instructed to report any equipment defect or safety hazard to his supervisor, and is use of the equipment discontinued until repaired by qualified personnel?
11Are work and electrode lead cables frequently inspected for wear and damage, and are cables with damaged insulation or exposed bare conductors replaced?
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