Checklist : Equipment Layout Drafting


This checklist covers the drafting requirements for a Equipment Layout Drawing.

SrCheck ItemDone
1The drawing border conforms to the Project specifications or Company standards, as applicable.
2Drafting conventions e.g. font types/sizes, text styles, line types, coordinate/dimension styles, layer structure, etc. are as per the Project specifications orCompany CAD standards, as applicable.
3Drawing title, drawing number and revision number in the title block are as per the TDR.
4Electronic file name is indicated at appropriate location on the drawing.
5Revision block contains initials of the originator, checker and approver (both Discipline & Project).
6Drawing scale is stated in the title block and graphic scale (bar scale) is shown.
7The drawing scale conforms to the Project specifications or Company standards, as applicable.
8All general notes are checked and the units for dimensions, coordinates & levels are given in the notes.
9Legend for applicable symbols is shown (e.g. new/existing facilities, scope cloud, etc.)
10Reference drawing numbers and titles are listed and checked. List shall includeoverall plot plan and key plot plan as aminimum.
11Status stamp (e.g. For Approval , For Construction ) is shown.
12Revision clouds, along with revision number triangles are marked properly, if applicable.
13 Hold clouds, if applicable, are properly marked and the list of Holds is indicated.
14Key plan is shown and the applicable area/unit of the plot plan is highlighted.
15All tags are clearly marked and are legible.
16Match line co-ordinates and drawing limits are clearly marked and are consistent with the Key Plan drawing. Continuation drawing numbers are correctlywritten.
17Drawing extracted from 3D CAD model is not manually edited.
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