Checklist 3D Model MTO Extraction


Every engineering firm has a checklist for extracting piping MTO from a 3D model created in various packages like PDMS, PDS, SP3D etc. It ensures good quality of MTO which is error free and which requires least amount of post processing. Here is a typical checklist to extract piping MTO from 3D Model.

SrCheck ItemDone
1MTO OFF/ Non reportable category report is generated from model and checked for the actual requirements.
2Data verification/Data consistency reports and RDB conflict reports generated and cleared.
3Ensure model is updated for latest revision of P&IDs.
4Ensure that cleared items in hold list is updated in model.
5Ensure Hold items are identified in downloaded MTO.
6MTO for the lines not modelled or captured as per line list/highlighted P&IDs is manually added into the MTO.
7Ensure with design team that, MTO is non-reportable for items modeled for temporary purpose.(e.g. Flange modeled to show continuity with existing line at Tie-Ins)
8Ensure future model MTO is not considered during extraction.
9P&ID MTO (Valves, Specialty items, etc.)
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