Checklist : Pipe Rack Design


During design of Pipe Rack, certain points need to be taken into consideration for optimal design. Some of these points are covered in following pipe rack design checklist. This checklist can be used at design stage as well as during 3D Model Review.

SrCheck ItemDone
125% Extra space provided for future expansion
2Minimum 3* Meters clearance provided below Units Pipe racks not crossing any roads.
3Minimum 2.2* Meters clearance provided below offsite pipe racks not crossing any roads. (Only for Walking below).
47* Meters clearance provided for main road
56* Meters clearance provided for Secondary road.
6Water lines more than 30?* not routed above rack
7Instrumentation and electrical cable trays located on top tier
8Process lines located on bottom tier as far as possible.
9Utility lines and hot process lines located on upper tier.
10Bigger size lines kept near rack columns.
11Minimum spacing between pipes based on Bigger size flange.
12Thermla expansion at bends, branches taken into consideration for pipe spacing
13Anchors in pipes at the anchor bay if such bay is provided
14If no anchor bay provided, Anchors are distributed throught rack
15Orificemeter runs are near the columns for access by portable ladder.
16Lines requiring thermal loops are near the edge of rack.
17Small bore line size increased to 2? on rack.
18Fire proofing provided for pipe rack

Note :

* These clearances shall be as per Piping Design Basis for the particular project.

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