Checklist : Piping Isometric Drawing


Piping isometric drawing is very important document as it is the drawing which ultimately goes for fabrication. Any errors in it can prove very costly. It should be thoroughly checked for any errors. Every organisation has a checklist for isometrics drawing. Here is a typical isometric drawing checklist.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Title Block : Line Number specified.
2Title Block : Isometric Number specified.
3Title Block : Sheet Number specified.
4Title Block : Project Code, Project Number and Area Code Specified.
5Title Block : Piping layout drawing number specified.
6Title Block : PID Number Specified.
7Title Block : Insulation and Heat Tracing Specified.
8Title Block : Radiography Requirements Specified.
9Title Block : Hydrotesting Requirements Specified.
10Drawing : North Arrow Specified.
11Drawing : Co-ordinate System Specified.
12Drawing : Equipment name and nozzle number along with nozzle size and rating specified.
13Drawing : Drawing : Equipment location from nearest equipment layout grid specified.
14Drawing : Drawing : Nozzle orientation specified.
15Drawing : Nozzle centreline elevation specified.
16Drawing : Line elevations marked at every change in elevation.
17Drawing : If line is offset form Standard Axis, offset properly specified.
18Drawing : Slope requirements if any are specified.
19Drawing : Line number with Fluid, Size, Spec, Number, Insulation, Heat Tracing etc. marked on drawing.
20Drawing : Spec break if any properly specified.
21Drawing : All components properly dimensioned.
22Drawing : Flow arrow marked.
23Drawing : Hold marked for hold components.
24Drawing : Continuation isometric drawing number and sheet number specified.
25Drawing : Instrument Tags specified.
26Drawing : Control Valves tags Specified.
27Drawing : Special Items Tags specified.
28Drawing : Orifice Meter streight run requirement ascertained.
29Drawing : High point vents and low point drains included.
30Drawing : Structural penetrations if any are marked.
31Drawing : Valve Stem orientation is marked.
32Drawing : Typical assembly tags specified.
33Drawing : Insulation limits for Personal protection are marked.
34Drawing : Reducer sizes marked.
35Drawing : Branch sizes marked.
36Drawing : Any other change in sizes are marked.
37Drawing : Spool sequence numbers marked.
38Drawing : Pipe support tags and locations marked.
39Drawing : Orifice meter taps orientation marked.
40Drawing : Field weld locations marked.
41Drawing : Fabrication limits marked.
42MTO : Component Description properly included
43MTO : Commodity Code properly included.
44MTO : Valve Data Sheets specified.
45MTO : Non piping MTO not included.
46MTO : Hold MTO not included.
47MTO : Instrument, Special Items, Typical Assemblies Tags included.
48MTO : Calculation of Length of pipes and number of fittings is correct as per drawing.
49MTO : Piping Material specification, Sizes correctly included.

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