Checklist : Installation and Operation of Resistance Welding Equipment


Resistance welding is a high temperature operation with high risk to human health. It is important to ensure all safety measures during such operation. Here is a typical checklist for installation and operation of such resistance welding equipment.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Have personnel who are designated to operate resistance welding equipment been properly instructed and judged competent to operate such equipment?
2Are all doors and access panels of all resistance welding machines and control panels kept locked and interlocked?
3Has a shield guard of safety glass or suitable fire-resistant plastic been installed at the point of operation?
4Are foot switches guarded to prevent accidental operation of the machine?
5Are two or more safety emergency stop buttons provided on all special, multispot welding machines, including 2-post and 4-post weld presses?
6Are flash welding machines equipped with hoods to control flying flash?
7Are periodic inspections of the machines made by qualified maintenance personnel, and are records of the inspection maintened?
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