Checklist : Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Layout


During design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Layout, certain points need to be taken into consideration for optimal design. Some of these points are covered in following checklist. This checklist can be used at design stage as well as during 3D Model Review.

SrCheck ItemDone
1S&T Heat Exchangers perpendicular to Rack.
2Floating head of heat exchanger 4* Meters away from Rack
3Channel head of heat exchanger towards accessway
4Tube bundle removal area of Tube bundle length plus 1* meter provided towards access way
5Fixed saddle for Coolers with underground water pipe connections is towards accessway (Near Underground Cooling Water headers)
6Fixed saddle of other exchangers as per Piping Flexiblility Requirements.
7Piping not run over channel end or shell cover (Maintenance Req.)
8Exchangers grouped wherever possible.
9Maximum 4* S&T exhangers Stacked.
10Maximum Centreline elevation of Stacked exchanger not more than 4200* mm from finished grade.
11Reboiler located as close to tower as possible.
12If plant access road used as tube bundle pulling area, alternate access available to isolated area.
13Fire truck route not used as pulling area.
14Minimum 450* mm clear provided between to adjacent S & T exchangers to remove bolting of channels and dished heads, if no operator access required between them.
15Minimum clearance between two adjacent exchangers shall be 2 M* or 900* mm clear aisle if operator access required between them.
16Reboiler elevatin as per PID.
17Horizontal thermosyphon reboiler elevation is minimum.
18Vertical reboiler supported from column is on Access road Side.
19Reboiler piping checked for pressure drop.
20Adequate space provided for bundle pulling of vertical reboiler.
21Vertical reboiler accessible by crane.

Note :

*Check Piping Design Basis for exact requirements for the particular project.

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