Checklist : Welding Fire Prevention and Protection


Welding is a very risky pipe fabrication process involving very high temperatures and high currents. Gas welding involves combustible and explosive gases. It is utmost important to ensure HSE during welding process. Here is a typical checklist which must be adhered to to avoid fire during welding process.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Is suitable fire extinguishing equipment maintained in a state of readiness for instant use?
2Are fire watches on duty whenever welding or cutting is performed in locations where a major fire might develop?
3Before cutting or welding is permitted, is the area inspected by the individual responsible for authorized cutting and welding operations.
4Where practicable, are all combustibles relocated at least 35 feet from the work site?
5Does management recognize its responsibility for the safe usage of cutting and welding equipment o its property.
6Do supervisors recognize their responsibilities in the safe management of welding and cutting operations.
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