Checklist : Protection of Personnel During Welding


Welding is a high risk activity of piping system fabrication which involves very high temperatures and currents. It also involves use of explosive gases. It is extremely important to ensure protection of personnel during welding operations. Here is a typical checklist to protect welding personnel and ensure HSE criteria.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Are welders or helpers who are working on platforms, scaffolds, or runways protected against falling by railings, safety belts or lifelines?
2Is welding cable and other equipment kept clear of passageways, ladders, and stairways?
3Are helmets, hand shields and goggles worn during all arc welding or cutting operations?
4Has a hazard assessment been performed to determine if hazards are present or likely to be present?
5Are employees who are exposed to the hazards created by welding, cutting, or brazing operations protected by personal protective equipment?
6When welding or cutting is being performed in any confined space, are gas cylinders and welding machines left outside?
7Before operations are started, is heavy, portable, wheel-mounted equipment securely blocked to prevent accidental movement?
8Where a welder must enter a confined space through a manhole or other small opening, have means been provided for his quick removal in case of emergency?
9Are ventilation or respiratory protective devices provided where necessary and do they
10meet the equivalent requirements of applicable standards?
11Are employees trained to render first aid, and is first aid equipment available at all times?
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