Checklist : Welding Safety


Welding is a high risk piping fabrication process which involves very high temperatures and electric currents. It also gives out UV radiation which is harmful to eyes and skin. It is necessary to ensure complete body protection for human safety. Following is a typical checklist for ensuring accident free and safe welding operation.

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1Are welding cables and hoses kept clear of passageways, ladders and stairways?
2Are welders given suitable face, neck and ear protection, such as welding helmets and hand shields, to prevent exposure to direct radiant energy from the arc?
3Are welders given appropriate eye protection?
4Are workers required to wear flame-resistant clothing?
5Are workers required to wear suitable gloves or other appropriate arm protection?
6Have all operations involving the welding, cutting or heating of metals containing lead, cadmium, mercury, beryllium and similar hazardous substances been evaluated to determine if respiratory protection is required?
7Are workers who are welding on platforms, scaffolds or elevations protected from falls by railings or appropriate fall protection systems?
8When the work permits, are welders enclosed in individual non-combustible booths or screened-in areas with an internal, non-reflective surface?
9Do booths and screens permit air circulation at the floor level?
10Are workers working near welders protected from arc welding rays by screens, booths, curtains, partitions or shields?
11Are all welding operations in confined spaces done with careful consideration of ventilation, respiratory protection, rescue, escape, atmospheric testing and safety training?
12Are the areas around welding operations inspected for and cleared off flammable, combustible or explosive materials, gases, vapours, dusts, etc. before welding begins?
13Is effective local exhaust ventilation in place at fixed work stations to minimize worker exposure to harmful air contaminants produced by welding, burning or soldering?
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