Equipment and Piping Layout : Fire Fighting System



Firewater installations shall comply with the latest edition of National Fire Code, Volume 2, Standard 24. In India, all fire fighting facilities shall be as per TAC & OISD norms.


All materials used in firewater systems need to be “Underwriters” approved.

Piping Loop

All firewater installations shall be closed loop.


The number of hydrants, arrangement of outlets and isolation valves shall be approved by the owner and the responsible engineer. Fire hydrant mains shall not be smaller than 8″, with a minimum size of 6″ for hydrants and branch connections. Self-draining hydrants complete with 2-1/2″ A.M.A. thread hose connections shall be used.
Hydrants and post indicator valves shall be set on flat stones or concrete slabs and approximately a barrel of clean gravel placed around the bottom of the hydrant to ensure quick drainage.  Hydrants shall be protected against mechanical damage by installing a protective post barrier around the hydrants.

Underground Piping

Top of firewater lines to be installed 300 mm below the frost line.


Underground valves to be non-rising stem, steel and brass trim type.

Sprinkler System

In India, sprinkler system shall be provided for all hot pumps as per OISD / TAC norms.

TAC / LPA / Insurance (INDIA)

  1. Fire Water System will also be a part of the Project.
  2. The design & layout of the Fire Water system shall be in accordance with the latest LPA / TAC / Insurance Company’s guidelines.
  3. The Contractor shall prepare drawings as per the above requirements, obtain approval & execute the work as per the guidelines mentioned above.
  4. The design calculations as per the requirements shall also prepared for submittal by the Contractor.
  5. As per the present system, Individual Agencies are appointed by the Insurance Companies, who execute the work of drawing approval, adequacy checking, material identification, witness hydro test, etc.
  6. All safety items, required for the work, shall be “ISI” marked.
  7. These items are Hoses with Hose Coupling, Water Monitors, Extinguishers, Hydrant Valves with stand post, Hose Boxes, etc.
  8. Fire Alarm system, as elaborated in Electrical Design Philosophy, shall also be installed under the LPA / TAC / Insurance Company’s representative’s supervision / approval / clearance.

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