Equipments used for Welding of Piping Systems


The welding contractor should have the arrangement of sufficient number of welding and cutting equipments, auxiliaries, and accessories of sufficient capacities so as to meet the target/schedule.

All the equipments for performing the heat treatment, including transformers, thermocouples, pyro-meters, automatic temperature recorders (with suitable calibration arrangement etc.) shall be provided by the Contractor at his own expenses and these should bear the approval of the Engineer-in-Charge.

Contractor shall make necessary arrangements at his own expense, for providing the radiographic equipments, radiographic films, processing equipment all other darkroom facilities and all the equipments/materials required for carrying out the dye-penetrant/magnetic particle test/ultrasonic testing for satisfactory and timely completion of the job.

Redoing of any work, necessitated by faulty equipments or operation used by the Contractor, will be done at his own expense.

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