Input Data Required for Pipe Stress Analysis


Piping stress analysis needs various types of input data. This input data should come through Engineering Design Basis for Piping Stress Analysis. It includes :  

  1. Applicable Codes and Standards.
  2. Applicable Company or Project Specifications.
  3. Analysis Softare and its Version to use : E.g. Caesar II Ver 5.0
  4. Installation Temperature for cold and hot lines.
  5. Design line in years e.g. 10 Years
  6. Maximum Full Displacement Cycles for Design Life : e.g. 7000
  7. Solar temperature for uninsulated open gas line e.g. 70 deg C.
  8. Wind load criteria i.e. Load Profile, Min. height and min. OD.
  9. Nozzle Loading Verification Guidelines.
  10. Flange Leakage Check Guidelines for Relief Valves.
  11. Stress Analysis Criteria.

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