Inspection and Testing Procedure for Painting of Pipes and Equipments


Painting contractor shall ensure following things for high quality execution of painting work for piping and equipments.

  1. All painting materials including primers and thinners brought to site by contractor for application shall be procured directly from manufacturer as per project specifications and shall be accompanied by manufacturer’s test certificates.
  2. Paint formulations without certificates are not acceptable.
  3. Client Site Representative at his discretion may call for tests for paint formulations.
  4. Contractor shall arrange to have such tests performed including batch-wise test of wet paints for physical & chemical analysis. All costs there shall be borne by the contractor.
  5. The painting work shall be subject to inspection by Client Site Representative at all times.
  6. In particular, following stage-wise inspection will be performed and contractor shall offer the work for inspection and approval of every stage before proceeding with the next stage.
  7. The record of inspection shall be maintained in the registers.
  8. Stages of inspection are as follows: A. Surface preparation B. Primer application, C. Each coat of paint.
  9. In addition to above, record should include type of shop primer already applied on equipment e.g. Red oxide zinc chromate or zinc chromate or Red lead primer etc.
  10. Any defect noticed during the various stages of inspection shall be rectified by the contractor to the entire satisfaction of Client Site Representative before proceeding further.
  11. Irrespective of the inspection, repair and approval at intermediate stages of work, contractor shall be responsible for making good any defects found during final inspection/guarantee period/defect liability period as defined in general condition of contract.
  12. Dry film thickness (D F T)) shall be checked and recorded after application of each coat and extra coat of paint should be applied to make-up the DFT specified without any extra cost to owner, the extra cost should have prior approval of Company Site representative.

Primer Application

  1. After surface preparation, the primer should be applied to cover the crevices, corners, sharp edges etc. in the presence of inspector nominated by Client Site Representative.
  2. The shades of successive coats should be slightly different in colour in order to ensure application of individual coats, the thickness of each coat and complete coverage should be
    checked as per provision of this specification. This should be approved by Client Site Representative before application of successive coats.
  3. The contractor shall provide standard thickness measurement instrument with appropriate range(s) for measuring. Dry film thickness of each coat, surface profile gauge for checking of
    surface profile in case of sand blasting.
  4. Holiday detectors and pinhole detector and protector wherever required for checking in case of immersion conditions shall also be provided by the contractor.
  5. Prior to application of paints on surfaces of chimneys, the thickness of the individual coat shall be checked by application of each coat of same paint on M.S.test panel.
  6. The thickness of paint on test panels shall be determined by using gauge such as ‘Elkometer’. The thickness of each coat shall be checked as per provision of this specification. This shall be approved by Client Site Representative before application of paints on surface of chimney.
  7. At the discretion of Client Site Representative, the paint manufacturer must provide the expert technical service at site as and when required. This service should be free of cost and without any obligation to the owner, as it would be in the interest of the manufacturer to ensure that both surface preparation and application are carried out as per their recommendations.
  8. Final inspection shall include measurement of paint dry film thickness, Adhesion, Holiday detection check of finish and workmanship.
  9. The thickness should be measured at as many points/ locations as decided by Client Site Representative and shall be within + 10% of the dry film thickness, specified in the specifications.
  10. The contractor shall arrange for spot checking of paint materials for Specific gravity, glow time (ford cup) and spreading rate.


  1. The contractor shall guarantee that the chemical and physical properties of paint materials used are in accordance with the specifications contained herein/to be provided during execution of work.
  2. The contractor shall produce test reports from manufacturer regarding the quality of the particular batch of paint supplied.
  3. The Client Site Representative shall have the right to test
    wet samples of paint at random for quality of same, as per the paint materials specification.
  4. Batch test reports of the manufacturer’s for each batch of paints supplied shall be made available by the contractor.
  5. The contractor shall stand guarantee for carrying out the rectification/repair/re-painting of the defects/ failures of painting found during the execution of painting job and till the expiry of the defect liability period of total project as per the directions of the Site Representative of Company.

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