Interdistances of Units in a Process Plant as per OISD-118 Table 1


These interdistances are based on OISD Standard 118, Table 1.

Relevant Notes :

  1. All Distances are in Meters.
  2. Note 2 : Type of construction shall be as per OISD-STD-163.
  3. Note-7 The distances specified are for the elevated flare. For ground flare, these distances shall be 150 m. For Exploration & Production installations, this shall be in line with Oil Mines Regulations
  4. Note-11: Boiler house or heater of a process unit is to be treated as a separate identity only for the consideration of surrounding blocks / facilities. However, heater of a process unit remains an integral part of the process unit to which it is attached and in that case the inter equipment distances should be inline with Table –2.
  5. Note 13: Separation distance of electrical substation was added in table 1 in January 2006 based on decision in 40th steering Committee Meeting in De’05.

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