List of Units in a Petrochemical Complex


A Petrochemical Complex is comprised of many units to process Crude Oil from Drilling Wells to be separated into individual components. These components shall also be processed to remove harmful contaminants like Sulfur as well as improve their chemical and physical characteristics. Some of the units in a petrochemical complex are as follows.

  1. Crude Distillation Unit (CDU)
  2. LPG Merox
  3. Kerosene Merox
  4. Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracker
  5. Propylene Recovery Unit
  6. Diesel Hydro-Desulfurization Unit
  7. Gasoline HDS
  8. Selective Hydrogenation
  9. HGU : Hydrogen Generation Unit
  10. Amine Regeneration unit
  11.  Sour water Stripper
  12. Sulfur Recovery Unit
  13. Tail Gas Treating Unit
  14. Vacuum Distilaion Unit
  15.  Hydrocracking unit
  16. Bitumen Blowing Unit
  17. Delayed Coker unit
  18. DCU LPG Merox process unit
  19. Amine Regeneration Unit
  20. Sour Water Stripping unit
  21. Isomerisation unit
  22. Tail Gas Treating unit
  23. Sulfur Granulation and Packing Unit.

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