Microstation Shortcuts


Microstation CAD software mostly used for 2D drawings in oil and gas field. It is also a base software for 3D modelling for other 3D modelling packages. Here is a list of shortcuts to help you improve your productivity in Microstation.

Managing Design Files

1Ctrl+NNew / Create Design File
2Ctrl+OOpen Design File
3Ctrl+WCloses the active design file
4Ctrl+SSave changes
5Ctrl+FSave Settings
6Ctrl+PPrint / Plot Dialog


7Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+RUndo / Redo
8Ctrl+x,?Ctrl+c,?Ctrl+vCut, Copy, Paste
9Ctrl+GGroup current selection
10Ctrl+UUngroup current selection
11Ctrl+LLock element
12Ctrl+MUnlock element
14Ctrl+EView Levels Display
15Ctrl+BView Attributes
16Ctrl+TTool Boxes?dialog

Manage Accudraw/Acusnap

17?Open the AccuDraw Shortcuts window.
18h,?aSuspend AccuDraw for the current tool operation. Selecting a new tool, or entering a Reset re-enables AccuDraw.
19h,?sToggle AccuSnap on/off.
20h,?uSuspends AccuSnap for the current tool operation. Selecting a new tool, or entering a Reset re-enables AccuSnap.
21QDeactivates AccuDraw.

Drawing Plane

22EnterSmart LockIn Rectangular coordinates,
23SpaceSwitches between Rectangular and Polar coordinates.
24OMoves the drawing plane?origin to the current pointer position.
25VRotate drawing plane to align with the?view axes.
26TRotate the drawing plane to align with the axes in a standard?Top view.
27FRotate the drawing plane to align with the axes in a standard?Front view.
28SRotate the drawing plane to align with the axes in a standard?Side view.
29BRotate the drawing plane to align with the active ACS,
30ERotate?between three main planes: top, front, and side (3D only). This also works when your original plane is an ACS or context rotation, so you do not have to use RX, RY to rotate to a 90? plane.
31r,cRotate the drawing plane to the?current ACS.
32r,?eRotate the drawing plane to match the orientation of a selected element.
33r,?vRotate the active?view to match the current drawing plane.
34r,?xRotate the drawing plane 90? about its?x-axis.
35r,?yRotate the drawing plane 90? about its?y-axis.
36r,?zRotate the drawing plane 90? about its?z-axis.
37r,?qQuickly and temporarily rotate the drawing plane.
38r,?aPermanently rotate the drawing plane.

Lock Elements

39XToggle the lock status for the?X?value.
40YToggle the lock status for the?Y?value.
41ZToggle the lock status for the?Z?value.
42DToggle the lock status for the?Distance value.
43AToggle the lock status for the?Angle value.
44l,?iLocks the current?index state.
45l,?pToggle ACS Grid?Plane lock
46l,?aToggle?ACS Plane lock.
47l,?sToggle ACS Plane?snap lock.
48l,?zToggle Sticky?Z?Lock, which is used in conjunction with ACS Plane Snap Lock to force a series of snap points to lie on the active ACS' XY plane (Z=0).

Dialog Boxes

49~Bump an item in the tool settings dialog box
50g,?tMove focus to the?Tool Settings window.
51g,?kMove focus to?Key-in window
52g,?sMove focus to AccuDraw?Settings dialog box
53g,?aOpen the?get?ACS?dialog box
54w,?aOpen the?Write to ACS?dialog box
55POpen the?Data?Point Key-in?dialog box
56MOpen the?Data Point Key-in?dialog box for?entering?multiple data points.
57IActivates?Intersect snap mode.
58NActivates Nearest snap mode.
59CActivates Center snap mode.
60Kopen the?Keypoint Snap Divisor?dialog box, which is used to set the Snap Divisor for keypoint snapping.
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