PDMS Shortcuts


PDMS is a 3D modelling software for modelling civil structures, process equipments and piping networks as well as various electrical and instrument components. Here is a list of shortcuts to help you increase your productivity in PDMS.

General Commands

1SAVEWORKTo Save Current Work
2AXES OFFAxes Switch Off
3ADD CEAdd Current Element To Display
4REM ALL ADD CERemove All From Display And Add Current Element
5ALP REQ CLEARClear The Command Line
6REM ALLRemove All From Display
7REPR HOLES ON UPDATEHoles Representation On & Update In Graphical Window
8REPR HOLES OFF UPDATEHoles Representation Off & Update In Graphical Window
9Q ATTTo Display The Attributes Of The Current Element
10STATTo Display The Status
11UNCLAIM ALLUncliming All To Allow The Other User To Work
12Q POS $QHelp
13MARK CETo Display The Name Of The Component Of The Element
14UNMARK ALLTo Remove All The Markings From The Graphical Window
15ENHANCE CE COL REDTo Change The Colour Of The Current Element
16REN /NAME COPY PREVCopu And Rename The New Component
17QUITExits The Pdms Application Without Saving
18FINISHExits The Pdms Application With Saving
19Q MDBDisplay The Current Multiple Database
20Q USERDisplay The Current User Name
21Q MEMDisplay The Members Of Current Site/Zone/ .. Etc.
23F2Zoom In/Out
25F4Perspective/Parallel View
27F6Walk On/Off
28F7Rotate Wrt Eye/Model
29F8Wire Frame/Solid
30F9Scroll Bar On/Off
31F1&F3Zoom In
32F7&F9Zoom Out
33F4/LEFT ARROWPan/Rotate Left
34F6/RIGHT ARROWPan/Rotate Right
35F2/DOWN ARROWPan/Rotate Up
36F8/UP ARROWPan/Rotate Bottom
37$M For Loading A Macro File (Project Data)
38ADD ALL WITHIN VOL CE 1000All All The Components With In The 1000 Distance All Around The Ce
39Q ATT IDP@For Getting The Possition Of A Current Element
40AXES AT IDP@Places The Axes At The Current Element P-Point
41AXES ONMake The Axes To Display
42CHOO ALLReselect
43DIR N 45 ETo Orient The Component In The Direction Of N 45 E
44Q IDP@ WRT /*Details With Respect To World
45NEW EQUI / COPY / For Copying & Renaming An Equipment As New
46REN / /
47REPR OBST ON UPDATEMake The Obstruction Area To Display
48LOCK ALLLock Any Hierarchiy
49MATCH WITH (NAME,'*ABC*')Rule For Making Mto Report
50Q MEMTo Query The Member
51Q OWNTo Query The Owner
52THRO CEThrough Current Element
53THRO ID@Through Id Cursor At
54THRO IDP@Through Id "P" Point
55Q U IN /*To Find The Elevation Of Origin With Respect To World
56Q SESSIONTo Find Out Mdb, Update Date, User Name
57Q TEMPTo Query The Temperature
58REM ALLTo Remove All From Display
59Q DRAWLISTSummary Of The Site
60Q NAMETo Find The Selected Object Name
61Q XYPOSTo Know The Xy Position Of The View
62UPDATE ALLTo Update The All Views Of The Sheet As Per The Design Modification
63AT @For Relocating The View
64BY @For Relocating The View With Base Point
65LVISI TView Display On
66LVISI FView Display Off
67LFRA TBorders Of View On
68LFRA FBorders Of View Off
69DTOFFSETFor Moving Dimtext Location
70PLTXTProjection Line Text
71PLTXT '#DIM-0'For Giving The Nozzle Orientation
72PLTXT '-C OF #OWN(C2:)'To Mark Center Line Of Equipment
73PKDISTClearance From The Origin
74PKEY TOSSet The Extension Line As Tos
75PLTXT 'BOP EL+ #POSU(C2:)'To Mark Bop Of Pipe
76PLTXT 'TOS EL+ #POSU(C2:)'To Mark Tos Of Structure
78BTEXT '#NAME (C2:)'For Changing Lable Text (Use Required Option In Place Of Name)
79SPREAD REMOTEFor Spreading The Lable Tags Outside The View Limits
80ADEGREES 90To Rotate The Lable Tag By 90 Deg.

Piping Commands

81DELETE BRANDelete Branch
82Q HSTUTo Display Branch Head Side Tube Attributes
83Q LSTUTo Display Component Leave Side Tube Attributes
84Q ABORETo Display Arrive Bore Of A Component
85Q LBORETo Display Leave Side Bore Of A Component
86ADD HREF TREFAdd Head & Tail Reference
87Q HBORETo Display The Head Side Bore Of A Branch
88Q TBORETo Display The Tail Side Bore Of A Branch
89Q SPRETo Display The Specification Of The Component
90Q PSPECTo Display The Specification Of The Pipe
91NEW ELBO CHOOCreate New Elbo
92NEW ELBO SEL WITH STYP EATo Create The Elbo With Specific Selection Type
93AXES AT HPOSAxes At Head Possition Of The Branch
94AXES AT TPOSAxes At Tail Possition Of The Branch
95NEX TUBIAsking For Tube Being On The Component
96Q ITLETo Display The Length Of The Tube Between Two Components
97Q HREFTo Display The Head Reference Of A Branch
98Q TREFTo Display The Tail Reference Of A Branch
99Q DIRTo Display The Direction Of The Selected Component
100CONN PH TO FIR MEMConnect Branch Head To The First Member Of The Branch
101CONN PT TO LAS MEMConnect The Branch Tail To The Last Member Of The Branch
102Q ORITo Display The Orientation Of Selected Component
103DISTGiving The Distance Between Two Component Centers
104CLEA (SPOOL)Giving The Spool Distance Between Two Components
105Q CATREFTo Display The Catalogue Reference At Component Level
107FCONNForce Connect
108Q STYPTo Display The Component Selection Type
109Q DTXRTo Display The Detail Text(Description Of The Component
110DRAG BY E 1000Strech The Component By East 1000 (Not Prefered)
111Q MTXXTo Display The Material Of The Component
112Q MODETo Display The Mode Of Direction (For/Back)
113FORTo Set The Forward Mode
114BACKTo Set The Backward Mode
115FIRST MEMTo Navigate The First Member
116LAST MEMTo Navigate The Last Member
117FIRST FLANTo Navigate The First Flange In Hierarchy
118Q PARATo Display The Parameters
119Q ACONNTo Display The Arrive Connection Detail Of A Component
120Q LCONNTo Display The Leave Connection Details Of A Component
121DIR TOW NEXDirection Towards The Next Component
122Q REFTo Display Reference
124ORI AND P3 IS UPOrient P3 Of Tee To Up (Specified Direction)
125OWNNavigate Owner
126GOTO OWNGo To Owner Of The Selected Component
127Q ABOP/LBOPDetails Of The Arrive/Leave Boptom Of Pipe
128Q ANGLEDetails Of A Angle Of An Elbo
129Q ATLELength Of First Tube Of A Branch
130ATTYPE CCNNComment Attachment Without Dimension
131ATTYPE CCCCComment Attachment With Dimension
132ATTYPE XXXXAtta For Setting The Isometric Limit
133CH CECheck Current Element (For Consistency Check)
134DIR TOW NEXT ELBOAlign A Elbo With The Next Elbo
135DIR TOW ID@Align The Elbow
136EXTEND 100 START/ENDExtend By 100 The Start/End Of A Cross Member
137Q HCON/TCONDetails Of Head/Tail Connection Of A Branch
138Q HDIRDirection Of The Flow From The Branch Head
139Q HPOS/TPOSDetails Of Head/Tail Possition Of A Branch
140Q ISPEInsulation Specification
141ISPEC NULREFFor Removing Insulation
142SPKBRK TFor Removing Insulation (Use In Case Fof Atta)
143 LOOSEUsed By Isodraft Where Flange Is Supplied Loose
144 MTOC DOTDMto Component Dotted With Dimension
145MTOC DOTUMto Component Dotted With Out Dimension
146 MTOC OFFMto Component Off
147 NEX CONNNext Connect
148NEX THRO CEMove The Current Componet To Next
149 ORI AND P3 IS TOW ID@ & DIR TOW ID@Aligning The 3Rd P-Point Of A Tee Towards Next Elbow
150 Q P3Details Of P-Point P3 (In Case Of Tee Only)
151Q PA/P1Details Of The P-Point 1
152Q PLDerails Of The P-Point 2
153 STEXT 'TEXT' Setting The Comment Text
154 TCONN OPENTail Connection Type Open (Ce Should Be Branch)
155TDIRDirection Of The Flow From The Branch Tail
156 ISPEC /WTo Give The Insulation
157Q LBORETo Query Leave Bore
158Q TBORETo Query The Tail Bore
159THRO PHThrough Pipe Head
160 THRO PREVThrough Previous
161THRO PTThrough Pipe Tail
162Q TPOSTo Query Tail Position
163Q HCONTo Query The Head Connection
164Q TCONTo Query The Tail Connection
165Q ACONTo Query Arrive Connection
166Q LCON To Query Leave Connection
167ATTYPE FLOWTo Create Flow Direction Of Attachment
168DIR NDirection Of Component Towards North
169BACK CONNBackward Connection
170MTOC UNSETTo Freeze The Component From Mto Report

Equipment Commands

171Q PARATo Display The Parameters
172Q CATREFTo Display The Catelogue Reference
173Q SPRETo Display The Specification Reference
174Q CREFTo Display The Connection Reference
175ADD CREFTo Add The Connection Reference
176NEW BOX XLEN 100 YLEN 100 ZLEN 100To Create New Box With X-Length 100, Y-Length 100 & Z-Length 100
177NEW CYLI DIA HEITo Create New Cylinder By Specifying Diameter And Height
178NEW SITETo Create New Site
179NEW ZONETo Create New Zone
180NEW EQUITo Create New Equipment
181NEW SUBETo Create New Sub Equipment
182NEW STRUCreate New Structural
183NEW FRMWTo Create New Framework
184NEW SBFRTo Create Sub Framework
185NEW CYLI COPY PREV BY N 1000To Create New Cylinder From Previous Cylinder By North 1000
186Q POS IDP@For The Position Of Identified P-Point
187AXES AT P1Axes At "P" Point 1
188AXES AT P2Axes At "P" Point 2
189NEXT AXES AT CE Axes At Next Current Element In Hierarchiy
190NEW VERT COPY PREVCopying The Previous Vertex
191DELETE VERTTo Delete The Vertex
193Q LEVELTo Query The Current Element Level

Structural Commands

194AXES AT CEAxes At Current Element
195Q CUTLCut Length
196Q BANGTo Display The Beta Angle
197Q POSS WRT /*To Display The Start Position Wrt World
198Q POSE WRT /* To Display The End Position Wrt World
199Q ORITo Display The Orientation
200Q POS WRT /*To Display The Position Wrt World
201BY W 1000 WRT /* 8Move The Selected Item To West 1000 Wrt World
202EXT END 300To Extend The End By 300
203Q NAMETo Display The Name
204NAME /NEW NAMETo Remane The Old Name
205Q CEDisplay The Current Element
206Q DESCTo Display The Grid Mark & Also Change The Grid Mark
207MARK WITH (DESC) ALL SCTN FOR CETo Dispay All The Grid Markings
208Q JUSTo Display The Steel Justification
209UNLOCK ALLTo Unlock
210AXES AT POSEAxes At End Possition
211AXES AT POSSAxes At Start Possition
212CTYEConnection Type At End
213CTYSConnection Type At Start
214DESPDesign Parameter
215DRNECutting Plane Direction At End
216DRNSCutting Plane Direction At Start
217EREELEnd Release
218JLINJoint Line
219JOLEJoint Reference At End
220JOLSJoint Reference At Start
221JUSLINE / JUSLJustification Line
222NPOSNode Position
223SRELStart Release
224ZDISDistance Along Z-Axis Of Owning Section
225JUSLINE TOSTo Match The Top Of The Structure With The Existing Or Selected Structe
226JUSLINE BOSTo Match The Bottom Of The Structure With The Existing Or Selected Structe
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