P&ID Symbols for Valves


Many types of valves are required in a process plant for flow regulation or on/off purpose. Type of valve employed depends on nature of fluid, flow control required, operating pressure and temperatures as well as surround atmosphere. Here is a list of symbols for various types of valves used in process industry.

Angle Blowdown Valve
Angle Globe Valve
Angle Valve
Angle Valve Hand Operated
Auto Circulation Valve
Back Pressure Regulator
Balanced Diaphragm Gate Valve
Ball Valve
Ball Valve Normally Closed
Bleeder Valve
Butterfly Valve
Check Valve 01
Check Valve 02
Control Valve
Diaphragm Valve 01
Diaphragm Valve 02
Electro Hydraulic Valve
Excess Flow Valve
Flanged Valve 01
Flanged Valve 02
Float Operated Valve
Four Way Plug Valve
Four Way Valve
Gate Valve
Gate Valve Closed
Gate Valve Hand Operated
Gauge Valve
Globe Valve
Globe Valve Hand Operated
Hydraulic Valve
Integrated Block Valve
Knife Valve
Manual Integrated Valve
Metering Choke
Minimum Flow Valve
Motor Operated Valve
Motor Operated Valve
Needle Valve 01
Needle Valve 02
Pilot Gate Valve
Pinch Valve
Piston Operated Valve
Plug Valve 01
Plug Valve 02
Post Indicator
Powered Valve
Quarter Turn Double Acting Valve
Quarter Turn Spring Acting Valve
Ram Valve
Relief Valve
Rotary Valve
Self Draining Valve
Self Operating Release Valve
Slide Valve
Solenoid Valve
Spring Gate Valve
Three Way Plug Valve
Three Way Valve 01
Three Way Valve 02
Water Flow Meter
Weight Gate Valve

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