Piping Materials : Gaskets


The function of gaskets is to interpose a semi-plastic material between the flange facings, the material which, through deformation under load seals the minute surface irregularities to prevent leakage of the fluid.

Piping Gaskets

Piping Gaskets

Gaskets can be generally divided into three main categories as follows:

  1. Non-metallic Gaskets
  2. Semi-metallic Gaskets
  3. Metallic Gaskets
Nonmetallic gaskets are normally used in low temperature and pressure applications. Usually composite sheet materials …Read More..
Spiral wound gaskets are semi-metallic gaskets that are used for high temperature and high-pressure applications. …Read More..
Metallic ring type gaskets are used in ring type joints which excel in high-pressure, high-temperature …Read More..

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