Piping Layout : Steam Tracing


Stream Tracing Piping Layout

Tracers for the individual lines shall generally be supplied from manifolds when there are two or more connections. Standard module for steam distribution and condensate collection manifolds with glandless integral piston valve shall be used.

Number of tracers shall be 4/8/12 and tracer size ½” or ¾” depending upon the detail engineering requirement. 20% or minimum 2 tracer connections shall be kept spare for future use for both steam supply and condensate collection manifolds. All manifolds shall be installed in vertical position and manifold size shall be 1½”.

For steam tracing balanced pressure thermostatic steam trap (5º/ 10ºsubcool) with 40 mesh strainer to be used. Steam Manifolds shall be located at upper levels in pipe-rack, accessible from a platform whereas Condensate Manifolds shall be located on grade. Pockets in steam tracers shall be avoided as far as possible.

Heat tracing cement to be used to improve conductivity of heating medium from tracer piping to main piping. Tracers shall generally be of ½”. Tracers shall be of carbon steel material on the steam tracing circuit including steam station. block valve shall be glandless piston type construction. Size of the lead line to manifold shall be 11/2″.

The lead line to manifold, manifold to the block valves of individual tracer shall be carbon steel of IBR quality. Tracers lines shall be provided with break up flanges for main line flange joints and valves. All tracers shall have individual steam traps before condensate manifolds. Condensate manifold including the last valve on individual tracer shall be of carbon steel.

All steam traps discharging to a closed system shall have a block valve upstream and downstream of the trap. A bypass globe valve shall be installed around the trap. Check valve shall be installed on the downstream of the steam trap near the condensate header in case discharging to a closed system. All steam tracer lines shall be welded as per approved Welding Specification followed by hydrotest.

  1. Tracers shall be limited to the following run length upstream of traps.
  2. Following shall be used for maintaining length of 1/2” tracer in open and closed systems (excluding supply and return lines). length of tracer pipe
  1. Number of tracers required on a line shall be as follows:

number of tracers

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