Piping Layout : Valves

Clause Details
VLV-PL-001 All valves requiring attention during operation shall be operable either from grade or platform.
 VLV-PL-002  Valves 4″ and smaller and instrument connections may have ladder access only.
 VLV-PL-003  The centerline of handwheel on block valves used for maintenance shutdown only, located less than 4500 mm above high point of finish surface and those  located in pipeways,  need not be chain-operated.  Access to these shall be portable ladder.
 VLV-PL-004  Preferred elevations for valves above grade or platform are:
1)  In low level horizontal runs
.2) In vertical runs between 750 mm and 1400 mm
3) Overhead at approximately 2100 mm with bottom of handwheel at 1900 mm
 VLV-PL-004  Operating valves with bottom of handwheel over 2000 mm above grade or platform shall be provided with chain or gear operators from grade or platform.
VLV-PL-006 Chain operation shall not be used for screwed valves or for any valves smaller than 2″.
VLV-PL-007 All valves shall have sufficient clearance to facilitate removal of bonnet or plug.
VLV-PL-008 Valves handwheels to be accessed from platform shall not require a reach larger than 600 mm.


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