Piping Material Specification

Clause Details
PMS-MAT-001 Based on design pressure and temperature specified in line list, decide Pressure ratings applicable for the project. E.g. 150#, 300# etc. Use Tables in ASME B16.5 for the same.
PMS-MAT-002 Based on temperature, fluid corrosivity, fluid type, decide materials of constructions required for the project.
PMS-MAT-003 Decide corrosion allowances required for various fluids based on temperature and corrosivity of the fluid.
PMS-MAT-004 Decide Coding System for Specification Number. E.g. AA3 where first A is Carbon Steel Spec, Second A is for 150# Rating, 3 For Corrosion Allowance.
PMS-MAT-005 Decide flange facings required for various process streams based on their pressure, temperature, toxicity, flammability.
PMS-MAT-006 Include Pressure-temperature rating chart based on Class rating as per ASME B16.5
PMS-MAT-007 Calculate pipe thicknesses based on design pressure and temperature, corrosion allowance, material of construction, type of pipe (Seamless. Welded) etc. and using B31.3 equations.
PMS-MAT-008 Prepare branch connection chart as per project piping design basis.
PMS-MAT-009 Prepare specifications for pipes, Socketweld and threaded fittings, buttweld fittings, valves, flanges, olets, bolts, gaskets, and special items.

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