Piping Material Take Off (MTO) Procedure


Instrumentation Related MTO

Clause Details
MTO-INST-001 MTO for instrument air supply lines to manifold or individual lines to end user is considered as per project standard.
MTO-INST-002 If sizes for control valves and PSV not given in PID, one size smaller is considered for the same. Also mark hold if not given in PID.
MTO-INST-003 Minimum pipe size is required for thermowells. Required MTO Taken for the same.
MTO-INST-004 MTO for Instrumentation on Standpipe which includes LG, LT instruments, vent and drain, stand pipe taken as per PID/Standard Assembly.
MTO-INST-005 MTO for inline instruments is properly considered as per piping-instrument interface diagram.
MTO-INST-006 Minimum flange rating for control valve, ESD, MOV, PSV, etc. as well as offline instruments like TG/TT and equipment mounted instruments line LG/LT considered as per instrument requirements.
MTO-INST-007 MTO for pressure connections taken as per Instrument Hookup Drawing.
MTO-INST-008 FE and Orifice flanges should not be considered in MTO. They are in instrumenatation department scope.
MTO-INST-009 Ensure MTO for flanges of RO-Restriction Orifice.
MTO-INST-010 Ensure Upstream & Downstream straight run requirement for flow instruments.
MTO-INST-011 Ensure MTO is not taken for Tagged Instrument Valves.

Flanges MTO

Clause Details
MTO-FLG-001 For spec break at flanges, flange in lower rating line should be of same rating as that of connected higher rating flange.
MTO-FLG-002 Breakup flanges for removable spools are required for equipments like Heat exchangers, Pumps, Compressors. If not shown in PID, mark them and send comments to Process Department.
MTO-FLG-003 Consider breakup flanges for temporary/conical strainers.
MTO-FLG-004 Consider breakup flanges for material handling requirements.
MTO-FLG-005 Insulating gaskets kit considered if required in specification for flanges joint of dissimilar metals.
MTO-FLG-006 Jackscrew flanges are needed for larg bore spacers, blinds or spectacle blinds as per Specification.
MTO-FLG-007 Breakup-flanges for prefabricated flanged spools of galvanised lines are considered based on max length of spool that can be galvanised or transported. (Normally 4″ and above).
MTO-FLG-008 Breakup flanges for internally lined pipes (PTFE/FBE etc.) considered based on vendor recommendations on max spool length.
MTO-FLG-009 Weldolet / reducing tee with a flange considered for large size branch from a galvanised header. (As per spec.)
MTO-FLG-010 Extra bolt lengths for flange connections with wafer type valves, PSVs, insulating gaskets, spectacle blind, restriction orifice, conical strainer etc.

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