Piping Materials : Check Valves


Check Valves are used to stop reversal of a flow in a piping system, e.g. in discharge of all centrifugal pumps. There are many types of check valves and their selection is based on types of fluids, piping configuration and process parameters.


  1. Swing Check Valve
  2. Lift Check Valve
  3. Ball Check Valve
  4. Piston Check Valve
  5. Stop Check Valve
  6. Tilting Disc Check Valve
  7. Wafer Check Valve
  8. Typical Piping Material Specification

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Typical Piping Material Specification

Size Range : Small bore and big Bore

Type : Lift check valve for small bore.
Y pattern stop check valve for small bore
Swing check, Tilting Disc Check valve for big bore.
Flanged Stop check valve for big bore

Ends : Socket Welding for small bore. Flanged, for large bore

Pattern : Long pattern for flanged big bore.
Body Material : A105 forged CS small bore, A182 Gr. F304L SS Small Bore Forged, A216 Gr. WCB : Cast CS Big Bore Flanged, A351 Gr. CF3 : Cast 304L Valves

Flanged End Face : Raised Face
Flanged End Rating : 150#, 300# etc. as per spec
SW End Rating : 800#
Dim Std : SW small bore : Manufacturers standard
Flanged big bore : ASME B16.10.
Operator : None, Inclined Handwheel for Y pattern stop check valve SW small bore, Normal handwheel for stop check valve flanged, SW big bore.
Trim : 5 for CS Valves. 10 for SS valves etc.
Datasheet : As per commodity code.

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