Piping Materials : Y Type Strainers


The y strainer is a permanently installed strainer, normally used in small bore lines and where there is a small amount of material to be collected. Y-strainer can be installed in horizontal or vertical position.

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Y Strainers

Y Strainers


Y-Strainers are threaded or socket welded or flanged. They have a strainer basket as shown below.

Y Strainer Cross Section

Y Strainer Cross Section

Materials of Construction

Y typestrainers are normally made with forging process. So they are made with piping materials for forging such as :

  1. ASTM A105 for carbon steel.
  2. ASTM A182 Gr. F304L for stainless steel.
  3. Bronze Y-Strainers are as per ASTM B62.
Threaded Y Strainer
This is used in small bore threaded piping upto 3" size. it has threaded bushing at bottom end with a screw to remove dirt. Screen can be removed by unscrewing the bushing. These fittings are forged fittings and material of construction is forged steel like ASTM A105. Screen is made of stainless steel.
Socket Weld Y Strainer
Socket Weld Y Strainer is used in small bore socket weld piping where threaded fittings can't be used. They are normally available upto 3" size. These are forged fittings. Bottom flange has a drain screw for quick removal of dirt.
Bronze Y Strainers
They are used for water services and are made with bronze metal as per ASTM B62 and B584. They are threaded upto 3". For larger size, they are flanged with flat face. (Flat face with full face gasket required to avoid cracking of flange joint during bolt tightening)
PVC Y Strainer
Used in water services, they are made with thermoplastic Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). They are made in 85psi and 150psi ratings. End connections available are socket, threaded and flanged. Screen is made of stainless steel.

Installation in Piping

Y strainers are normally required at the suction of pumps if permanent installation of a strainer is necessary. They can be installed horizontal with strainer side down for easy draining. They can also be installed in vertical piping with flow going downward.

Y Strainer in Pump Suction

Y Strainer in Pump Suction

Dimensional Standards for Strainers

Dimensional of these fittings are manufacturer specific. They depends on end conditions, rating, drain type, screen size etc. Typically dimensions are provided as shown below. Where :

  1. A : Inline length of fitting.
  2. B : Height of fitting
  3. E : Drain hole dia.
Typical Y Strainer Dimensions

Typical Y Strainer Dimensions

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