Piping Stress Analysis Manhours Estimation


Piping Stress Analysis involves various activities such as preparation of stress critical lines list, modelling of lines in stress package such as CEASAR II, analysis of lines, marking of supports, creation of stress packages and updations/creation of stress design criteria. Typical manhours required for each of these activities are as follows.

Sr Activity/Unit Hours
1 Study of Project Specificaitons and Bid Documents. 40
2 Creation of Stress Design Criteria/Instructions from Bid Documents. : Total 40
3 Listing/Defining Stress Systems from PID : Total 20
4 Preparation of Stress Critical Lines List : Total 40
 5  Stress Analysis and Supporting of Critical Lines/ Per Line  12
 6  Preparation of Stress Reports / Per Report 10
 7  Spring Data Sheets, Index, TBE / Per Spring 3
 8  Special Support Design and Index / Per Support  4
9  Expansion Joint Data Sheet, Index, TBE / Per Joint  3
10  Sway Braces Data Sheets, Index, TBE / Per Brace 4
11  Struts Data Sheets, Index, TBE / Per Stress 4
 12  Support Markup of Non Critical Lines / Per Line  1
 13  Trunions Calculations / Per Calculation  2
14 AFC Isometric Stress and Support Review / Per Iso 0.5
15 Supervision and Co-ordination : % of Total of Above 10%

Supervision and Co-ordination activities includes :

  1. Review of Stress systems.
  2.  Vendor communication.
  3. Interdepartmental communication with Civil, Mechanical and process department.
  4. Job close out report preparation.
  5. Other miscellaneous activities which are not listed above
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